The EVTI and EVTO pins provide features which can be used to ease debugging in certain scenarios. EVTI is used to signal an event INTO the target device, while EVTO is an event signaled OUT FROM the target device. The 38-pin MICTOR connector contains these two signals to allow the Atmel AVR ONE! access to these pins on the target device. EVTO can also be connected to pin 7 on the 10-pin JTAG connector for the AVR ONE! to be able to read it. Note that EVTO will only be available on the JTAG 10-pin connector if the target voltage is below 3.6 volts for probe hardware revision 0. In order to use these pins externally during debugging, it is recommended to disconnect them from the AVR ONE! MICTOR connector on the application board.

EVTI can be used for the following purposes:

EVTO can be used for the following purposes: