Using the Atmel AVR ONE! with Atmel STK500

The Atmel STK®500 starter kit can be used to house Atmel AVR devices to which the AVR ONE! can connect through JTAG, debugWIRE, and SPI interfaces.

When connecting to a JTAG target, simply use the ATSTK500_JTAG_ADAPTER. If you do not have an STK500 JTAG adapter available, the 10-pin multicolored "squid" cable can also be used to connect directly to the device's JTAG port on PORTC[5::2] of the STK500.

Connecting to debugWIRE and SPI targets is done using the same stand-off adapter. When using the debugWIRE interface, be sure to remove the STK500's RESET jumper to allow the reset line to be driven as required.

Alternatively, the AVR ONE! can be connected to any target interface using the 10-pin "squid" cable (provided).