Connecting to an SPI Target

The pinout for the 6-pin SPI connector is shown in Figure 1.

Be sure to use the correct orientation of the 6-pin header when connecting the Atmel AVR ONE! to the target application PCB. The stand-off adapters (provided) can be used to connect the AVR ONE! probe to both 100-mil and 50-mil target application connectors.

Note: The SPI interface is effectively disabled when the debugWIRE enable fuse (DWEN) is programmed, even if the SPIEN fuse is also programmed. To re-enable the SPI interface, the 'disable debugWIRE' command must be issued while in a debugWIRE debugging session. Disabling debugWIRE in this manner requires that the SPIEN fuse is already programmed. If Atmel Studio fails to disable debugWIRE, it is probably that the SPIEN fuse is NOT programmed. If this is the case, it is necessary to use a high-voltage programming interface to program the SPIEN fuse. It is HIGHLY ADVISED to simply let Atmel Studio handle setting and clearing of the DWEN fuse!