Auxiliary (AUX) Physical (including JTAG)

When debugging Atmel AVR target devices that feature an auxiliary port, it is recommended to use the 38-pin connector, which provides access to both JTAG and AUX ports. The AUX port facilitates advanced debugging features such as program trace.

The pinout of the 38-pin connector is shown in Figure 1 and listed in Table 1.

The Mictor Connector is available from Tyco Electronics (part number 2-5767004-2).

Figure 1. Mictor Connector Pinout

Table 1. Mictor Connector Pinout
Name Pin Description
TCK 15 Test Clock
TMS 17 Test Mode Select
TDI 19 Test Data In
TDO 11 Test Data Out
nTRST 21 Test Reset
nRESET 9 Source Reset
EVTI 10 Event In
EVTO 32 Event Out
MCKO 34 Message Clock Out
MSEO0 38 Message Start/End Out [0]
MSEO1 36 Message Start/End Out [1]
MDO0 30 Message Data Out [0]
MDO1 28 Message Data Out [1]
MDO2 26 Message Data Out [2]
MDO3 24 Message Data Out [3]
MDO4 22 Message Data Out [4]
MDO5 20 Message Data Out [5]
VREF 12 Target Voltage Reference
GND 39-43 Ground