LCD Pins Selection

Selection of maximum 48 segment/common lines from 52 LCD pins.

There are 52 LCD pins (LPx) from which up to 48 LCD pins can be enabled or disabled individually according to the LCD glass. Each LCD pin can be configured as front plane (SEG) or back plane (COM), offering various configurations. For 1/4 duty settings the maximum number of SEG lines and COM lines are 4 and 44 respectively. For the other duty configuration, this is mentioned in the device datasheet.

Write a '1' to a bit in LPENL or LPENH registers will enable the corresponding LCD pin.

Writing a '0' to a bit in LPENL or LPENH registers will disable the corresponding LCD pin.


The assignment of the COM and SEG lines are always in ascending order. According to their duty configuration COM lines are assigned first to the LCD pins enabled. The number of SEG lines enabled is thus the number of LCD pins enabled minus the number of COM lines assigned.

Figure 1. LCD Pins Configuration Example