Safety Concerns and Precautions for Changing Li-Ion Batteries

Four Li-Ion battery cells are provided with the SB200. These batteries have built-in protection to ensure that misuse does not expose the user to any danger - after all Li-Ion are explosive. When using the unmodified code example provided by Atmel there should be no danger regardless of using a battery with or without protection.

However, during the development phase, it is nice to know that bugs and incomplete development does not put the developer in any danger.

A consequence of using protected battery cells is that there will be a certain energy loss caused by the built-in protection electronics. Further, it will be difficult to test extremes, such as deep under-voltage, over-current and so on, as the built-in protection will affect the result. It can also happen that the protection disables the battery if (dis)charged too much. Therefore, be aware that strange behavior can be due to the battery protection.


A jumper is used to select which battery cell that is the top cell. If the jumper is place incorrectly it may short a battery cell. See Quick Start Guide - Step by Step.

Figure 1. Unprotected Battery exploding (Not a SB200)