Discharging the Batteries

To be able to evaluate the behavior of the smart battery during discharging, an electronically controlled load is available on the SB200. This is, like the charger, controlled from the SB200 PC software. The load can draw up to 5000mA from the battery by dragging the slider fully to the top. Right-clicking the load and selecting the "Set Load" menu item and typing the current level directly in the edit box is however not limited to 5000mA, which allows very high current to be drawn from the battery.

This allows for short circuit/over-current testing.

Dragging the slider will enable the load, while right-clicking and selecting "Clear load" will turn off the load.


SB200 will shut down the load if the load temperature (PCB at the FETs) exceeds 125°C. CAUTION: 125°C is very hot, so do not touch the cooling fins!

The load is designed to draw fairly high load, but not to be very accurate. The actual current will typically be lower than that specified in the PC software. The discharging of a close to full battery is shown on the figure below.

Figure 1. Discharging Parameters and Discharging Voltage and Current