Charging Batteries

The built-in charger of the SB200 can be controlled from the PC application to run for a given period of time, after which it stops charging. Note that the charger is autonomous and will stop charging when the period has expired, even if the PC software is shut down or the USB cable is disconnected.

The charging is limited by its voltage and current limits: For a two cell Li-Ion battery pack the typical recommended charge voltage is 8.4V and the charge current is typically 1C. For a 880mAh battery the charger is therefore set to 8400mV and 880mA for 120 minutes (max 255 minutes). This means that the maximum charging voltage is 8.4V and the maximum current is 880mA, whichever is limiting the charging.

Pushing the SET button will start/restart the charger with these parameters. While the charger is active a green LED on the top-middle of the SB200 will light up.

The charging voltage and current of a nearly full battery can be seen on the figure below.

Figure 1. Charging Parameters and Charging Voltage and Current