The SB200 is a development platform for SB20x smart battery reference designs, which offers an easy way to start evaluation and hence development of smart battery applications using Atmel® AVR® microcontrollers.

The SB200 is not in itself a reference design, but is intended to be used with e.g. SB201-1, which is a reference design that demonstrates implementation of a single cell smart battery (Li-Ion).

16340/CR123A battery cells can be inserted in the SB200 battery sockets, and a SB20x is inserted in the dedicated daughter board socket. This forms a battery pack with a given number of cells, safety protection, and full battery capacity monitoring capabilities.

Alternately other cell types can be soldered into the SB200. To simulate the use of the battery pack the SB200 features a charger that can charge the battery pack, and a constant current load that can simulate an application that draws power from the battery pack.

Figure 1. SB200 with Two Batteries and SB201-2 Inserted