Signal Line Test Points

All signals available on the SB20x edge connector are available as test points. These are located next to the SB20x daughter board connector Figure 1. 2.54mm pin headers can be mounted to make it easier to hook a scope probe to these test points.

Table 1. Signals on the Test Points Next to the SB20x Daughter Board Connector
Test point designator Signal Description
J323 PV2 Positive voltage cell 2
J325 PV1 Positive voltage cell 1
J327 PV4 Positive voltage cell 4
J328 SCL TWI/SMBus clock
J329 PV3 Positive voltage cell 3
J330 SDA TWI/SMBus data
J337 PA3 AVR Port A pin 3
J339 PA2 AVR Port A pin 2
J341 PA1 AVR Port A pin 1
J343 PA0 AVR Port A pin 0
J345 Vref Voltage reference
J346 CELL1BAL_ON Cell 1 cell balancing enable
J347 GND_ID GND for ID circuitry
J348 CELL2BAL_ON Cell 2 cell balancing enable
J349 Vreg Regulated supply voltage
J350 UART1W  
J352 MISO SPI master input slave output
J354 MOSI SPI master output, slave input
J356 SCK SPI clock
J358 SS SPI slave select
J360 RESET Reset to smart battery AVR
1 Test point reserved for future use