Positive and Negative Input MUXes

Each comparator unit requires two input voltages, a positive and a negative channel (note that these names refer to the logical operation that the unit performs, and both voltages should be above GND), which are then compared with one another. Both the positive and the negative channel inputs are connected to a pair of multiplexers (MUXes), which allows one of several possible inputs to be selected for each comparator channel.

The exact channels available for each comparator differ for the positive and the negative inputs, but the same MUX choices are available for all comparator units (i.e. all positive MUXes are identical, all negative MUXes are identical). This allows the user application to select which voltages are compared to one another.

When used in window mode, both comparators in the window pair should have their positive channel input MUXes configured to the same input channel, with the negative channel input MUXes used to set the lower and upper window bounds.