Function ac_win_enable()

Enables an Analog Comparator window channel that was previously configured.

enum status_code ac_win_enable(
		struct ac_module *const module_inst,
		const enum ac_win_channel win_channel)

Enables and starts an Analog Comparator window channel.

Note: The comparator channels used by the window channel must be configured and enabled before calling this function. The two comparator channels forming each window comparator pair must have identical configurations other than the negative pin multiplexer setting.
Table 1. Parameters
Data direction Parameter name Description



Software instance for the Analog Comparator peripheral



Comparator window channel to enable


Status of the window enable procedure.

Table 2. Return Values
Return value Description


The window comparator was enabled


One or both comparators in the window comparator pair is disabled


The comparator channels in the window pair were not configured correctly