Performance Levels and Power Domains

Devices from the SAM L series running from the main voltage regulator (Main VREG) can operate at different performance levels. A change in performance level will change the operational voltage level, which will influence the power consumption. A low performance level will consume less power than a high performance level, but the trade-off is a lower operational frequency. Refer to AT04296: Understanding Performance Levels and Power Domains for more information about the various performance levels.

Devices from the SAM L21 series has five digital power domains, where system modules and peripherals are split amongst these power domains. Refer to Figure 1. The power domains can be either in an active state, retention state, or off state. The retention state is a low power state where the state of registers and SRAM is retained. Taking advantage of the retention and off state for these power domains will reduce the overall power consumption of an application.

Devices from the SAM L22 series does not have the feature to manage the state of power domains.

Figure 1. SAM L21 Power Domains