Cortex Debug Connector

SAM B11 Xplained Pro has a 10-pin 50-mil Cortex® Debug Connector that can be used to attach external debuggers to the ATSAMB11G18A.

Table 1. Cortex Debug Connector
Cortex Debug Connector pin Pin / Net Function Shared functionality
1 VCC_TARGET_P3V3 ATSAMB11G18A voltage  
2 GPIO_1 SWD data signal EDBG SWD
3 GND Ground  
4 GPIO_2 SWD clock signal EDBG SWD
5 GND Ground  
6 - -  
7 - -  
8 - -  
9 GND Ground  
10 RESETN Target reset signal  

The Target reset is isolated from the Cortex Debug Connector by R300 (0 Ohm link) which is not mounted by default in the PCBA