Getting Started

  1. 1. Start Atmel Data Visualizer.
  2. 2. The current measurement headers on the SAM L21 Xplained Pro board should be connected to only measure the MCU consumption, as no I/O consumption is of intrest in this application. This implies setting the MCU-header to MEASUREMENT-position and I/O-header to BYPASS-position.
  3. 3.Connect the SAM L21 Xplained Pro EDBG with a Micro-USB cable to your PC.
  4. 4. Select your board in the drop-down menu and hit the Connect-button.
  5. 5. Select the Power-interface and then hit the Start-button, both indicated in the below figure. Your board will be reset and a graph showing real-time power measurements will be displayed.
  6. 6. When the Auto-scroll functionality is enabled, the Power Analysis window is automatically moving to display the latest samples. In this mode the Window Average will indicate an exponential moving average of the MCU current consumption. This implyes that e.g. after entering sleep, the Window Average calculations will converge towards the actual sleep mode average current consumption.