Controlling Multiple Lights from a Single AVR477 Remote Control

When the “Factory New” AVR477 Remote Control is touchlinked for the first time with a light (also factory new), the light will create the network and the remote control joins the network with the light as its parent (see Figure 1). Both devices are now non-factory new.

To add more number of lights to this ZLL network, the non-factory new remote can be touchlinked with other factory new lights. A successful touchlink with a factory new light brings this light into the network and the light becomes non-factory new.

When there are several lights in the network, the remote control can control the lights as a group (example: turn on/off several lights using a single command) or control lights individually. To control a light individually, the AVR477 Remote must select the light using the Identify touch button, SW17. When the light to be controlled identifies itself by blinking, the commands sent from the remote for the next 20 seconds are unicast to the selected light only.