Information Sets/Clusters Supported by the Dimmable Light

The ZLL specification defines a set of functionalities to be supported in a dimmable light. This is organized as a set(cluster) of variables(attributes) and control commands. Typical attributes include on/off state of the light and brightness level. These attributes can be controlled from the remote using commands to adjust the dimming, on/off state of the light.

The table below lists the clusters supported on the light. Each cluster has a set of attributes and commands.

Example: Level Control cluster has an attribute named CurrentLevel which can be read from the remote control. The remote control can use commands such as step to change the brightness level of the light. The step command modifies the CurrentLevel value on the light.

Table 1. Dimmable Light - Supported Clusters
Dimmable Light Device (ID: 0x0100)
Server Clusters Client Clusters
Basic Basic
Commissioning NA
Identify NA
Groups NA
Scenes NA
Level Control NA
On/Off NA

Note: Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTAU) Cluster is also supported in BitCloud, however the hardware, ATSAMR21-LED-Driver, does not have an external flash on board to save the updated firmware.