Project Configuration

This firmware is based on the following project configuration.

IAR Embedded Workbench:
  1. 1.Open ZLLDemo.eww (\Applications\iar_projects)-> ATSAMR21G18A.ewd
  2. 2.Select project configuration: All_StdlinkSec_SamR21_Atsamr21g18a_Rf233_48MHz_Iar
Atmel Studio:
  1. 1.Open ATSAMR21G18A.atsln (\Applications\atmelStudio_projects)
  2. 2.Select project configuration: All_StdlinkSec_SamR21_Atsamr21g18a_Rf233_48MHz_Gcc

The BitCloud core libraries from the standard BitCloud SDK release are used.

The HAL libraries are generated with specific changes for ATSAMR21-LED-Driver board (described in Configuration of Parameters) are: