Remote Control – The AVR477 Touch Remote Control Board

The firmware for the AVR477 Remote Control is an integration of two major components – the QTouch® library for capacitive touch sensing and the ZigBee BitCloud SDK for wireless control of the light. The ATmega256RFR2 MCU is used on the AVR477 to allow for the memory requirements by the BitCloud ZLL reference application.

The procedure in the application note -Integration of QTouch Library with BitCloud Zigbee Light Link, describes a method to integrate the QTouch Library into BitCloud SDK and this firmware is used to control the light. The application used is the reference ZLL application where the device type is selected as color scene remote controller.

As per ZLL specification, the remote acts as client device and controls the light through several commands and manipulates the light’s attributes. However, since the AVR477 hardware has nine touch keys and one rotor, the control functionality has been chosen as per Table 1 below. This is also provided in AT13520: ATSAMR21 LED driver with ZigBee Light Link – Quick Start Guide.

Figure 1. AVR477 QTouch Buttons and Rotor Functionality
Table 1. Touch Keys for executing ZLL Remote Controller Commands
Key Description
SW9 Initiate touchlinking procedure
SW10 Extended Press of this key for 3 seconds causes Remote to Reset to factory new state
SW16 On Command to light
SW14 Off Command to light
SW17 Select the next bound device and requests it to identify itself. This allows sending unicast commands to a single device. Groupcast mode will be entered automatically after twenty seconds of inactivity.
SW11 Set light level to minimum brightness
SW12 Set light level to medium brightness
SW15 Set light level to maximum brightness
Rotor (SW1 – SW8) Increase/decrease light level by pre-defined steps. Clockwise rotation causes increase in light brightness and anti-clockwise rotation causes a decrease in light brightness level.
SW13 Reset device to factory new state (This will cause Light to be reset to factory new state)