Setting the Boot Loader Lock Bits by SPM

To set the Boot Loader Lock Bits, write the desired data to R0, write “X0001001” to SPMCR and execute SPM within four clock cycles after writing SPMCR. The only accessible Lock Bits are the Boot Lock Bits that may prevent the Application and Boot Loader section from any software update by the MCU.

The tables in Boot Loader Lock Bits show how the different settings of the Boot Loader bits affect the Flash access.

If bits 5:2 in R0 are cleared (zero), the corresponding Boot Lock bit will be programmed if an SPM instruction is executed within four cycles after BLBSET and SPMEN are set in SPMCR. The Z-pointer is don’t care during this operation, but for future compatibility it is recommended to load the Z-pointer with 0x0001 (same as used for reading the Lock Bits). For future compatibility It is also recommended to set bits 7, 6, 1, and 0 in R0 to “1” when writing the Lock Bits. When programming the Lock Bits the entire Flash can be read during the operation.