External Clock Drive

Table 1. External Clock Drive
Symbol Parameter VCC = 2.7V to 5.5V VCC = 4.5V to 5.5V Units
Min Max Min Max
1/tCLCL Oscillator Frequency 0 8 0 16 MHz
tCLCL Clock Period 125   62.5   ns
tCHCX High Time 50   25   ns
tCLCX Low Time 50   25   ns
tCLCH Rise Time   1.6   0.5 μs
tCHCL Fall Time   1.6   0.5 μs
ΔtCLCL Change in period from one clock cycle to the next   2   2 %
Table 2. External RC Oscillator, Typical Frequencies
R [kΩ](1) C [pF] f(2)
33 22 650kHz
10 22 2.0MHz
  1. 1.R should be in the range 3kΩ - 100kΩ, and C should be at least 20pF. The C values given in the table includes pin capacitance. This will vary with package type.
  2. 2.The frequency will vary with package type and board layout.