Voltage Reference Enable Signals and Start-up Time

The voltage reference has a start-up time that may influence the way it should be used. The start-up time is given in the table in System and Reset Characteristics. To save power, the reference is not always turned on. The reference is on during the following situations:

  1. 1.When the BOD is enabled (by programming the BODEN fuse).
  2. 2.When the band gap reference is connected to the Analog Comparator (by setting the ACBG bit in ACSR).
  3. 3.When the ADC is enabled.

Thus, when the BOD is not enabled, after setting the ACBG bit or enabling the ADC, the user must always allow the reference to start up before the output from the Analog comparator or ADC is used. To reduce power consumption in Power-down mode, the user can avoid the three conditions above to ensure that the reference is turned off before entering Power-down mode.