WDTCR – Watchdog Timer Control Register

When using the I/O specific commands IN and OUT, the I/O addresses 0x00 - 0x3F must be used. When addressing I/O Registers as data space using LD and ST instructions, 0x20 must be added to these offset addresses.

When addressing I/O Registers as data space the offset address is 0x41

Bit 4 – WDCE: Watchdog Change Enable

Watchdog Change Enable

This bit must be set when the WDE bit is written to logic zero. Otherwise, the Watchdog will not be disabled. Once written to one, hardware will clear this bit after four clock cycles. Refer to the description of the WDE bit for a Watchdog disable procedure. In Safety Level 1 and 2, this bit must also be set when changing the prescaler bits. See Code Examples.

Bit 3 – WDE: Watchdog Enable

Watchdog Enable

When the WDE is written to logic one, the Watchdog Timer is enabled, and if the WDE is written to logic zero, the Watchdog Timer function is disabled. WDE can only be cleared if the WDCE bit has logic level one. To disable an enabled Watchdog Timer, the following procedure must be followed:
  1. 1.In the same operation, write a logic one to WDCE and WDE. A logic one must be written to WDE even though it is set to one before the disable operation starts.
  2. 2.Within the next four clock cycles, write a logic 0 to WDE. This disables the Watchdog.

Bits 2:0 – WDPn: Watchdog Timer Prescaler 2, 1, and 0 [n = 2:0]

Watchdog Timer Prescaler 2, 1, and 0 [n = 2:0]

The WDP2, WDP1, and WDP0 bits determine the Watchdog Timer prescaling when the Watchdog Timer is enabled. The different prescaling values and their corresponding Timeout Periods are shown in the table below.

Table 1. Watchdog Timer Prescale Select
WDP2 WDP1 WDP0 Number of WDT Oscillator Cycles Typical Time-out at VCC = 3.0V Typical Time-out at VCC = 5.0V
0 0 0 16K (16,384) 17.1ms 16.3ms
0 0 1 32K (32,768) 34.3ms 32.5ms
0 1 0 64K (65,536) 68.5ms 65ms
0 1 1 128K (131,072) 0.14s 0.13s
1 0 0 256K (262,144) 0.27s 0.26s
1 0 1 512K (524,288) 0.55s 0.52s
1 1 0 1,024K (1,048,576) 1.1s 1.0s
1 1 1 2,048K (2,097,152) 2.2s 2.1s