Address Match Unit

The Address Match unit checks if received address bytes match the seven-bit address in the TWI Address Register (TWAR). If the TWI General Call Recognition Enable (TWGCE) bit in the TWAR is written to one, all incoming address bits will also be compared against the General Call address. Upon an address match, the Control Unit is informed, allowing correct action to be taken. The TWI may or may not acknowledge its address, depending on settings in the TWCR. The Address Match unit is able to compare addresses even when the AVR MCU is in sleep mode, enabling the MCU to wake up if addressed by a Master. If another interrupt (e.g., INT0) occurs during TWI Power-down address match and wakes up the CPU, the TWI aborts operation and return to it’s idle state. If this cause any problems, ensure that TWI Address Match is the only enabled interrupt when entering Power-down.