LCD Display

The LCD display on the AVR Butterfly is the same as used on the STK502 available from Atmel. The connections between the ATmega169 and the LCD are also the same. See the STK502 User Guide at for more information about the LCD display, and the LCD bit-mapping.

For more information on how to write software for the LCD-display see application note AVR064: STK502 A Temperature Monitoring System with LCD Output and application note AVR065: LCD Driver for the STK502 LCD.

Note: Touching the LCD-pins will affect the segments on the LCD

The LCD-display on the STK502 can be ordered separately from:

ACTE Norway
Phone: +47 63 89 89 00
Fax: +47 63 87 90 00
Price: 99,- NOK
Ordering number: H4042-DL DE5156/L.