Atmel® ATSAMR21-LED-Driver is a reference platform that uses Atmel SAM R21 an IEEE® 802.15.4 compliant SoC which incorporates an ARM® Cortex® M0+ based 32-bit microcontroller and a 2.4GHz RF transceiver to wirelessly control LEDs in a constant current DC-DC step-down topology.

Atmel ATSAMR21 LED Driver Development Kit demonstrates a wireless dimmable LED driver module based on DC-DC buck converter providing constant current to the LEDs. This operates in boundary conduction mode implemented in the firmware of Atmel SAM R21. This implementation eliminates the use of an external DC-DC LED driver IC.

LED reference board is powered by a 24V AC-DC universal adaptor and capable of driving 14V onboard LED load with 6W power. It is scalable to higher watts and other LED configurations.

This document helps the user in executing the demonstration of ATSAMR21 LED Driver Development Kit.