Programming AVR477 Remote Board

To program AVR477 Remote board with the ZLLDemo_AVR477QTouchRemote_ATmega256RFR2_Remote.hex image follow the below steps. The appropriate .hex file is available in the attachment associated with this document.

  1. 1.Open the back cover of AVR477 board and connect the JTAG header of any of Atmel AVR Programmer/Debugger like Atmel ICE as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 1. Connection between AVR477 and Atmel AVR Programmer/Debugger
  2. 2.Mount two fully charged AAA batteries in the battery holder in the AVR477 board.
  3. 3.Open Atmel Studio.
  4. 4.Open Tools->Device Programming.
  5. 5.Select the Tool used from the Tool dropdown menu.
  6. 6.Select ATmega256RFR2 from the Device dropdown menu.
  7. 7.Select the Interface as JTAG.
  8. 8.Click Apply. If you are asked to upgrade the firmware for the Programmer/Debugger, click Yes and wait until Firmware upgrade successful message is displayed. The following figure shows the settings to be configured in the Device programming window.
    Figure 2. Settings – Device Programming – ATmega256RFR2
  9. 9.Read the Device Signature and Target Voltage from the Device Programming window.
  10. 10.In the Device Programming window move to Memories tab and choose the location of ‘ZLLDemo_AVR477QTouchRemote_ATmega256RFR2_Remote.hex’ file, in the Flash section.
  11. 11.Click the Program button.
  12. 12.After successful programming of the AVR477 Remote board, open Fuses tab from the Device Programming window.
  13. 13.Program the Fuse registers of ATmega256RFR2 device with the following values: Extended - 0xFE, High - 0x99, Low - 0x62. Correct fuse settings for ATmega256RFR2 device is shown in the following figure.
    Figure 3. Fuse Settings - ATmega256RFR2
Note: After flashing ATmega256RFR2 with the ZLLDemo_AVR477QTouchRemote_ATmega256RFR2_Remote.hex image, the device enters sleep mode and it will not be re-programmable. To re-program the device, ensure that Use external reset check box is checked from the Interface settings tab of Device Programming window.