Touch Link / Forming a Network

For touch linking, the AVR477 remote is brought close (~3cms) to a new light, which is not in the network, yet. By pressing SW9 key on the AVR477 remote, the user initiates a commissioning procedure, whose goal is to transfer network parameters to the light. At this moment the devices are not yet in the network, but the communication is possible, because it happens on the MAC level without a need for routing. LED2 will toggle once to indicate a valid touch. On successful touchlinking LED1 and LED2 will toggle alternatively and the LED load will blink identifying itself. After successful completion of the touchlink procedure, both LED1 and LED2 will be turned ON.

The light receives network parameters and starts the network as a router. Once the network is started, the AVR477 remote joins this network as a ZLL end device.

After the first light is commissioned, the AVR477 remote may be brought near the second light and SW9 QTouch key is pressed. The second light on receiving the network parameters, will not start the network once again, but will join the existing network as another router. The subsequent lights are commissioned in the same way.

Note: After the AVR477 remote is touchlinked with a light and goes to sleep. After waking up from sleep, it is not required to be touchlinked with the light again. The network parameters will be stored in the AVR477 remote and will be restored on wakeup.