Struct bod12_config

Configuration structure for a BOD12 module.

Table 1. Members
Type Name Description
enum bod12_action action

Action to perform when a low power detection is made

bool hysteresis

If true, enables detection hysteresis

uint8_t level

BOD12 level to trigger at (see electrical section of device datasheet)

enum bod12_mode_in_active mode_in_active

BOD12 configuration in active mode

enum bod12_mode_in_standby mode_in_standby

BOD12 configuration in backup sleep mode

enum bod12_prescale prescaler

Input sampler clock prescaler factor, to reduce the 1KHz clock from the ULP32K to lower the sampling rate of the BOD12

bool run_in_standby

If true, the BOD12 is kept enabled and sampled during device sleep