Invoking Document Generator

Document Generator can be invoked by right clicking desired project item on the solution explorer, of which documentation is required, and selecting "Document Project" in the context menu. If you want to create the Documentation the click on the "Doxygen..." or if you have already generated Doxygen documentation then click on "view HTML output...", if not, then it will ask to browse it from your computer.

There is also option of invoking it from Menu bar- "Project->Doxygen..." . Which generates the Documentation for active project.

When the Document Generator is invoked the Doxygen creates a default Doxygen Configuration file "doxyfile". This file contains the information regarding the project of which documentaion is required. This file also can be edited if user wants to manually configure his doxygen parameters. If not, this file can be left untouched, it will generate the documentaion with default option. The following screenshot gives the idea about the UI of the Document Generator