This application initializes the RTC module in clock/calendar mode (mode2) to keep track of the current time. Here, the user has the provision for setting the time in the clock register. Once the RTC initialization is done, the user will be requested for the mode in which the tamper detection has to occur. When the user select the mode of operation the tamper detection module will be configured according to the user input and RTC will be enabled. Now, the device is ready for tamper detection. When the tamper occurs, the application displays the error message on terminal window and SLCD, starts the timer for SLCD backlight toggling, stores the tamper history on RWW EEPROM, and gets ready for the next tamper. The detailed explanation of application is explained as follows.

  1. 1.Demonstrate various modes of tamper detection:
    • Tamper disable
    • Tamper enabled in wake mode
    • Tamper enable in capture mode
  2. 2.RTC in sleep mode and wake-up on Tamper.
  3. 3.Detect Tamper, starts the DMA transfer when the timestamp occurs and store the timestamp value in NVM of MCU.
  4. 4.Display error message on LCD and terminal window when tamper occurs.
  5. 5.Set alarm for 5 seconds.
  6. 6.Read the Tamper occurrence timestamp from NVM.
  7. 7.Erase the Tamper History.