Module Overview

The OPAMP is an individually configurable low power, general purpose operational amplifier offering a high degree of flexibility and rail-to-rail inputs.

Each operational amplifier can be configured in standalone operational amplifier and operational amplifier with built-in feedback. All OPAMPs can be cascaded to support circuits such as differential amplifiers.
Note: For more detail configuration reference, refer to the "Built-in Modes" section in the device datasheet.
Each OPAMP has one positive and one negative input which can be flexible chosen from analog input pins including the output of another OPAMP, internal inputs such as the DAC or the resistor ladder, and the ground.

Each OPAMP output can be selected as input for AC or ADC, also available on I/O pins.

Four modes are available to select the trade-off between speed and power consumption to best fit the application requirements and optimize the power consumption.