Struct opamp_config_common

Common configuration structure for OPAMP 0 to 2.

Table 1. Members
Type Name Description
bool analog_out

If true, OPAMP output is connected to the ADC or AC input

enum opamp_bias_selection bias_value

Bias mode selection

bool on_demand

If true, the OPAMPx is enabled when a peripheral is requesting the OPAMPx to be used as an input. The OPAMPx is disabled if no peripheral is requesting it as an input.

enum opamp_pot_mux potentiometer_selection

Potentiometer selection

bool r1_enable

If true, R1 connected to RES1MUX

bool r2_out

If true, resistor ladder to output

bool r2_vcc

If true, resistor ladder to VCC

bool run_in_standby

If true, the OPAMPx is not stopped during sleep mode when triggered