Atmel START Integration

The development experience between Atmel START and Studio 7 has been optimized. This section demonstrates the iterative development process of START-based projects in Studio 7, through the re-configure and merge functionality.

Getting Started Topics

Video: Atmel START Integration

Todo: Exporting the Project from Atmel START.
  1. 1.On the Atmel START website, create a new project (Example or Board).
  2. 2.Click on the Export Software Component button. Make sure the Atmel Studio check-box is checked.
  3. 3.Click on Download pack. An atmelstart.atzip pack file will be downloaded.
    Figure 1. Download Your Configured Project
    Todo: Import the Atmel START Output into Atmel Studio.
  4. 4.Launch Atmel Studio.
  5. 5.Select File > Import > Atmel START Project.
    Figure 2. Import Atmel START Project
  6. 6.Browse and select the downloaded atmelstart.atzip file.
  7. 7.The Atmel START Importer dialog box will open. Enter the project details as Project name, Location, and Solution name. Click OK.
    Figure 3. START Project Importer
  8. 8.A new Atmel Studio project will be created and the files will be imported.
    Todo: Import the Atmel START Output into Atmel Studio.
  9. 9.Some projects contain documentation formatted for Doxygen.
    Note: Doxygen must be downloaded from and installed. You will be asked to configure Studio to locate Doxygen executable, this defaults to C:\Program Files\doxygen\bin \doxygen.exe.
  10. 10.Click on the Doxygen button to generate the documentation. Doxygen will run and the generated documentation will open in a new window.
    Todo: Reconfigure the project using Atmel START.
  11. 11.Click on the Reconfigure button or right-click on the project node in the Solution Explorer, and, from the menu, select Reconfigure Atmel START Project.
  12. 12.Atmel START will open in a window inside Atmel Studio.
    Figure 4. Reconfigure START Project and Doxygen Buttons
  13. 13.Do the necessary changes to the project. Click the GENERATE PROJECT button at the bottom of the Atmel START window.