The STK600 has three voltage sources and one clock generator.

Figure 1. STK600 Board Settings

The set-points of the three voltage sources (VTG, ARef0, and ARef1) are adjusted by the means of three sliders. It is also possible to type a voltage in the Generated text boxes below the sliders. When you drag the sliders, the text boxes will update. And when you type a value in the text box, the slider will move.

After adjusting the set-points, press the Write button to apply the changes. The values are sent to the tool, and measured values are read back.

Measurements are shown in the Measured row and shown as blue columns as part of the slider controls. The measured values cannot be edited.

Press the Read button to read both the set-point (Generated) and the Measured values from the STK600.
Note: What is the difference between the Generated and the Measured voltages? The generated voltage is the setting on the adjustable power supply, the measured voltage is the readout from the built-in voltmeter. If the measured value is different from the generated voltage, this may indicate that the target circuitry draws a lot of current from the generator.
Note: If the VTARGET jumper on STK600 is not mounted, the measured voltage will be 0, unless an external voltage is applied to the VTARGET net.

The Clock generator is also adjusted by dragging the slider or typing into the text box below. Press the Write button to apply the new value.