DataTips provide a convenient way to view information about variables in your program during debugging. DataTips work only in break mode and only with variables that are in the current scope of execution.

In Atmel Studio, DataTips can be pinned to a specific location in a source file, or they can float on top of all Atmel Studio windows.

To display a DataTip (in break mode only)

  1. 1.In a source window, place the mouse pointer over any variable in the current scope. A DataTip appears.

  2. 2.The DataTip disappears when you remove the mouse pointer. To pin the DataTip so that it remains open, click the Pin to source icon, or
    • Right click on a variable, then click Pin to source

    The pinned DataTip closes when the debugging session ends.

To unpin a DataTip and make it float

To repin a floating DataTip

To close a DataTip

To close all DataTips

To close all DataTips for a specific file