Device Pack Manager

The Device Pack Manager is used to manage the devices supported by Atmel Studio.

The Device Pack Manager is launched from Tools → Device Pack Manager.

Figure 1. Device Pack Manager Menu
Figure 2. Device Pack Manager

The Device Pack Manager consists of two panes. The left pane shows the list of packs that are installed. The right pane shows the devices that are provided by the pack selected in the left pane.

Packs can have any of the following statuses:
Up to date
Pack is already up-to-date and latest.
Update Available
New update is available.
Not Installed
Pack is not installed but can be downloaded.


Install selected packs
Download and install all packs that have been selected using the check-boxes besides the version.
Install all updates
Download and install all available updates.
Browse pack file
Install an already downloaded pack file.
Uninstalls all packs that have been selected using the checkboxes besides the version.
Check for Updates
Check for new and updated packs.
The search box can be used to search for a specific pack or a device in any of the packs.
Reset cache
Resetting the cache will re-index all installed packs. This does not uninstall or remove anything. It is in the Advanced menu.
Note: After installing, updating, or removing packs, Atmel Studio has to be restarted before the changes become visible.