Advanced Options

Setting Toolchain Flavours

The Toolchain path configured in the flavor is used for building the projects. It is possible to add a new toolchain flavour to the current project. For configuring and adding new flavors see Toolchain.


This section allows you to select whether GDB has to be used for the current project. The Current GDB Path will be computed by the following

  1. 1.The Current GDB Path is taken from 'Tools → Options → Debugger → GDB Settings.
  2. 2.Otherwise, it is taken from selected Toolchain Flavor if GDB is found there.

The Current GDB Path will be overridden when we use the option 'Override Current GDB Path' in the 'Advanced' project property page, see figure below.

Note: The option 'Use GDB' is enabled by default for ARM-based devices and also the following warning will be shown for AVR 32-bit devices if GDB is enabled.