Manual Upgrade

Atmel Studio includes a command line utility called atfw.exe which can be used to do a manual upgrade of most Microchip tools. atfw.exe is installed in the atbackend subfolder.

atfw.exe can be used to:

For details on how to upgrade using this utility, execute atfw.exe -h.

Note: If a tool is locked in firmware upgrade mode, and normal reset does not restore normal operation, a forced firmware upgrade should reset the tool to a working state.

To do a firmware upgrade on a tool already in upgrade mode, invoke atfw the same way as a normal firmware upgrade. Some warnings may be displayed as the tool is unable to switch the tool to upgrade mode, but should proceed with the upgrade.

If a tool listing is done, the tool will have a name that is related to the mode it is in. atfw should, however, be invoked with the tool name as it is presented to the user in normal operation.