Installing New Extensions in Atmel Studio

Step 1 
Figure 1. Extension Manager

Opening the extension manager window will show extensions installed.

In order to find and install a new extension, click the Available Downloads tab in the left pane.

Step 2  
Figure 2. Retrieving List of Extensions

Updating the available extension list will take some time.

Step 3 
Figure 3. List of Extensions

A green check mark identifies already installed extensions.

Select QTouch Composer and press Download. If you have not previously registered as a user in the Extension Gallery you will be taken to the Registering at the Microchip Gallery at this point.

Figure 4. Extension Download Progression

The download will start as indicated in the status bar of Atmel Studio. If the extension is distributed as a standalone installer you will be asked for a location to save the file. Downloading can take several minutes for large files. A dialog with a running bar is displayed during download. Not that download can take a long time for large extensions. Press Cancel to abort the download.

Step 4 
Figure 5. Extension License

A license agreement will appear for you to read, most of the times when you install a new extension.

Read it carefully and install only the extensions you really need as most of the extensions' authors do not take liability in a possible malfunction resulting from installation of mutually incompatible extensions and collateral damages, for example, if extension security is breached.

Step 5

Once the extension is downloaded a message in the lower status bar will appear.

Figure 6. Extension Manager Restart Warning

Click the Restart Now button to restart the IDE immediately, otherwise, if you plan to restart it later - click the Close button.

If you have an unsaved project you will be requested to save the changes you made, before restarting.

Step 6 
Figure 7. QTouch Composer Button

After restarting Atmel Studio, a new button is added for starting QTouch Composer.