Breakpoint Labels

In Atmel Studio, you can use labels to help keep track of your breakpoints. A label is a name that you can attach to a breakpoint or a group of breakpoints. You can create a name for a label or you can choose from a list of existing labels. You can attach multiple labels to each breakpoint.

Labels are useful when you want to mark a group of breakpoints that are related in some way. After you have labeled the breakpoints, you can use the search function in the Breakpoints window to find all breakpoints that have a specified label.

The search function searches all columns of information that are visible in the Breakpoints window. To make your labels easy to search for, avoid using label names that might conflict with strings that appear in another column. For example, if you have a source file that is named 'Program.c', 'Program.c' will appear in the name of any breakpoint set in that file. If you use 'Prog' as a label name, all breakpoints set in Program.c will appear when you search for breakpoints labeled 'Prog'.