In Atmel Studio, the Trace is provided on a plug-in basis. This means that different plugins separate from the core of Atmel Studio will be the provider of the different graphics view to visualize Trace.

In the realm of the Trace, there is some terminology that describes the different Trace sources that a device and tool combination supports. These high-level source names are mapped to different architecture specific Trace sources.

The following sections will describe some of the high-level Trace sources that might be available, and how it is mapped to the target architecture. Only a high-level description of the different sources will be given, as the device-specific details are available in the respective data sheet.

Note: The architecture for discovering Trace capabilities in Atmel Studio is based on what the chip itself reports. This means that a debug session needs to be running so that the capabilities can be probed. This means that when activating a Trace source, Atmel Studio might fail if the device does not support the source that was asked for during launch.