AVR Debugger Settings

AVR Communication Timeout

Shows the timeout delay used for communication with the back-end. If the watchdog detects that timeout is exceeded the back-end is restarted. 20000 ms by default.

AVR Debugger Path

Shows the path to the AVR Debugger.

AVR Debugger Port

Indicates the Windows Comm API Port number, used by the AVR debugger. 0 by default.

RPC transaction times

Filename to put statistic logging in. This is log data from the communication with the back-end. Empty means no logging. Note that the file must be written to a directory where the user has write permission. E.g. C:/tmp/transactionlog.csv

User Tool polling

Use internal port polling method for hardware tool discovery, instead of relying on Windows Comm Framework. Must restart Atmel Studio if activated, it may slow down your PC considerably, so use it only if you have errors related to Windows Comm Framework. Disabled by default.