Fuse Programming

Figure 1. Fuse Programming

The Fuses page presents the fuses of the selected device.

Press the Read button to read the current value of the fuses, and the Program button to write the current fuse setting to the device. Fuse settings are presented as checkboxes or as drop-down lists.

Detailed information on which fuses are available in the different programming modes and their functions can be found in the device data sheet. Note that the selected fuse setting is not affected by erasing the device with a chip-erase cycle (i.e. pressing the Chip Erase button on the Memories page).

Fuse values can also be written directly into the fuse registers in the lower pane as hexadecimal values.

Auto read

If this check box is checked, the fuse settings will be read from the device each time you enter the fuse page.

Verify after programming

When this check box is checked, the settings will be verified after a programming operation is completed.

The appearance of the fuse glyph describes whether the fuse information is up-to-date compared to the state of the device.

The fuse value is up-to-date, i.e the same state as in the device.

The fuse has been modified by the user and it is not yet programmed into the device.

The fuse state is unknown, it has not been read from the device, nor modified by the user.