New Project Wizard

Select FileNew from the menu, and the dialog below will appear. The startup wizard will also have an option to start a new project.

Figure 1. New Project

Project types

Currently, several project types are available in the Project Type box. AVR board examples - to guide you through the usage of the AVR boards, User board project - if you have created your own product with the AVR tools, and a general AVR GCC project - a board independent project with a GNU compiler. It is also possible to create an AVR Assembler project and a general AVR Solution, which may include any supported source code type.


Projects can also be created by loading supported object files. If you want to create such a project, you should use the FileOpen file menu.

Project name and initial file

Input the project name. The project main file, which is generated automatically, will be named with the same name by default (ASM or C). If you wish, you can change this name. It is possible to check a box to create a new folder, bearing the project name. This box is unchecked by default.

You can choose to create a new solution in the Solution drop-down menu or to reuse existing code. Input the solution name in the Solution Name field.

If you are satisfied with the project name and type, press OK and proceed to the debugging platform selection stage. You can also leave the platform undefined for now, but then you will have to select the debug platform and device upon starting a debug session. See also Assembler Projects and Object File Formats.