Power Debugger

The Power Debugger has a single voltage source and two channels of voltage/current measurement.

Figure 1. Power Debugger Tool Settings

The voltage output (VOUT) is adjusted by the slider, or by typing a voltage in the Generated text boxes below the slider.

After adjusting the set-point, press the Write button to apply the changes. The value is then sent to the tool, and the measured value is read back.

Press the Read button to read both the set-point (Generated) and the Measured values from the Power Debugger.
Note: There may be slight differences between the Generated and the Measured voltages.

The output voltage range is 1.6V to 5.5V.

The Channel A and Channel B measurements are snapshots of analog readings taken by the Power Debugger. The tool is optimized for real-time monitoring of voltage and current, and this snapshot is thus approximate. It does not perform calibration compensation, and readings are locked in the highest-current range. For best results, use the Atmel Data Visualizer.

Note: When no load is connected to a measurement channel, non-zero measurements can be expected.