Use this page of the Options dialog box to specify whether or not files are automatically backed up. This page also allows you to specify whether or not modified files are restored when the integrated development environment (IDE) shuts down unexpectedly. You can access this dialog box by selecting the Tools menu and choosing Options, and then select the Environment folder and choose the AutoRecover page. If this page does not appear in the list, select Show all settings in the Options dialog box.

Save AutoRecover information every <n> minutes

Use this option to customize how often a file is automatically saved in the editor. For previously saved files, a copy of the file is saved in \...\My Documents\Atmel Studio 6.2\Backup Files\<projectname>. If the file is new and has not been manually saved, the file is auto-saved using a randomly generated file name.

Keep AutoRecover information for <n> days

Use this option to specify how long Atmel Studio keeps files created for auto-recovery.