XML Miscellaneous Options

This dialog box allows you to change the autocompletion and schema settings for the XML Editor. You can access the Options dialog box from the Tools menu.

Note: These settings are available when you select the Text Editor folder, the XML folder, and then the Miscellaneous option from the Options dialog box.

Auto Insert

Close tags

If the autocompletion setting is checked, the editor automatically adds an end tag when you type a right angle bracket (>) to close a start tag, if the tag is not already closed. This is the default behavior.

The completion of an empty element does not depend on the autocompletion setting. You can always autocomplete an empty element by typing a backslash (/).

Attribute quotes

When authoring XML attributes, the editor inserts the =" " characters and positions the caret (^) inside the double quotes.

Selected by default.

Namespace declarations

The editor automatically inserts namespace declarations wherever they are needed.

Selected by default.

Other markup (Comments, CDATA)

Comments, CDATA, DOCTYPE, processing instructions, and other markup are auto-completed.

Selected by default.


Automatically download DTDs and schemas

Schemas and document type definitions (DTDs) are automatically downloaded from HTTP locations. This feature uses System.Net with auto-proxy server detection enabled.

Selected by default.


Enter outlining mode when files open

Turns on the outlining feature when a file is opened.

Selected by default.



Specifies the location of the schema cache. The browse button ( ...) opens the Directory Browse dialog box at the current schema cache location. You can select a different directory, or you can select a folder in the dialog, right-click, and choose Open to see what is in the directory.