Production Files

The ELF production file format can hold the contents of both Flash, EEPROM, and User Signatures (XMEGA devices only) as well as the Fuse- Lockbit configuration in one single file. The format is based on the Executable and Linkable Format (ELF).

The production file format is currently supported for tinyAVR, megaAVR, and XMEGA. See Creating ELF Files with Other Memory Types for a description on how to configure the project in order to generate such files.

Figure 1. Production Files Programming

Program device from ELF production file: To program your device from an ELF file, you must first select a source file by typing its full path into the combo box, or by pressing the browse button . Depending on the contents of your file, checkboxes for the different memory segments will be activated.

It is possible to select one or several of the memory segments that the ELF production file contains. You can then program and verify the device with the content of these segments in one single operation. Select which memory segments you want to program by ticking off the corresponding checkboxes.

Select the Erase memory before programming check box, if you want an erase operation to be performed before the programming operation.

Note: The erase memory operation will depend on the device selection. For tinyAVR and megaAVR, both Flash, EEPROM, and lockbits will be erased (chip erase) independent of which memories are selected, while for XMEGA only the selected memories will be erased.

Select the Verify device after programming checkbox, if you want the contents to be verified after the programming operation is done.

Select the Verify Device ID checkbox, if you want to verify the device id stored in the file (signature bytes) with the connected device.

Now, press the Program button to program the file into the memory.

You can verify the contents of the device against an ELF file by pressing the Verify button. The verification will only verify the contents of the selected memory segments.

Figure 2. Production Files Creation

Save to ELF production file: Prior to creating the ELF file, specify the input file path for FLASH, EEPROM, and Usersignature on the production file tab. Then configure the Fuse and Lockbits on the corresponding tab and program it. The Fuse and Lockbits, which are programmed in the device will be taken as input while creating ELF file. Back on the production file tab, press the 'Save' button to generate the ELF file.

You must specify which segments are to be present in the production ELF file by ticking the corresponding checkboxes.