Firmware Upgrade Fails on VirtualBox

When doing a firmware upgrade on any tool, the tool needs to be reconnected in another mode than the one used during regular operation. This causes the tool to be re-enumerated and can cause the tool to be disconnected from the VirtualBox instance and returned to the host operating system.

To make the tool connect automatically to the VirtualBox instance, you need to set up a couple of USB filters. More information on USB filters can be found in the VirtualBox documentation.

Make two filters that are similar to the two shown in the figure below.

Figure 1. VirtualBox USB Filter

Note that the example in the figure above is specific for the JTAGICE mkII. There is one entry for the tool, here the JTAGICE mkII, and one for AVRBLDR, which is the firmware upgrade mode for the tool. The name, serial, Vendor ID, and Product ID may be different for your tool, so change those values accordingly.

Note: This section contains specifics to VirtualBox. The same logic applies to other virtualization software, but the steps may differ.